5 Things I Would Rather Do Than Go to Disney in a Pandemic

But know the list doesn't end here.

Despite protests from employees nervous about returning to work in the midst of a pandemic in a state seeing an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases, Disney World is pushing forward, planning to reopen in July. While some Disney-diehards might be on the edge of their seat awaiting the moment they can once again wait in hour-long lines behind damp people (is it sweat or did they just step off Splash Mountain?) to pose with college students in costumes, I cannot say that I feel the same. The park, somehow charging full priced admission, is soon to be the world’s largest petri-dish. The plague was blamed on the rats, well, we’ll look back and blame this second waves on the mice. While Disney might be implementing procedures to “ensure” your health, we reserve the right to question just how safe a city-sized theme park that sees thousands upon thousands of visitors a day can really be. So, while I’m here to say that Disney World is something I will be avoiding like the plague (coronavirus?), I want to explain to you just how little interest I have in visiting the World’s Germiest Place on Earth, and I’ll get you there by letting you know all of the horrible things I’d rather do.

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